Substance Use Disorders

Beautiful Minds is not a detox or drug rehab center. However, we do treat many patients who are struggling with substance abuse in addition to depression, anxiety, or another mental illness. There are two main reasons for the connection between mental illness and substance abuse.

Substances increase the likelihood of developing mental disorders

For example, alcohol use can increase the likelihood of developing depression. Because of withdrawal effects, it can also trigger or worsen anxiety.

Marijuana has recently been shown to increase the likelihood of developing psychotic disorders (in which people lose touch with reality). Marijuana can also worsen psychosis in people who already have a psychotic disorder. In addition, amphetamines, cocaine, ecstasy, PCP and other drugs can both cause and worsen psychosis and other mental disorders like depression.

Finally, almost all drugs of abuse impair decision making, mental clarity, and memory. Although many people think drugs only affect them while they are using them, the devastating consequences are often permanent.

People often use substances to “self-medicate” or treat the symptoms they are having from a mental health problem

When people are not receiving adequate treatment for mental health disorders, they will often abuse alcohol, street drugs or prescription pills to find relief. Although this may bring temporary relief, the long-term results are devastating.

But there's hope! With proper treatment and care, many of our patients continue to experience freedom from addiction. 



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Take the online Drug Abuse Screening Test.

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