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Your story is unique and your treatment plan should be too. The following descriptions will help you understand our different services. Some patients choose one option, while others benefit from all three. Not sure what you need? Our intake team is happy to talk with you about your individual needs.


Our psychiatry providers treat patients suffering from a wide variety of mental health concerns. They assess and diagnose mental illness, prescribe and manage psychiatric medications, and work with each patient to meet their treatment goals.

What can you expect? An initial psychiatry appointment lasts 50 minutes. During this time, your provider will complete a thorough psychiatric assessment and history to better understand your needs. He or she will develop a whole-person treatment plan that may include medication management, as well as instruction on nutrition, exercise, sleep, and other lifestyle habits.

The psychiatrist does spend some time listening to patient's stories and helping them identify positive coping skills, but this is not the main feature of the appointment. If you're looking for someone to process life with through long discussions, you will probably want to seek counseling from one of our therapists. Of course, many patients benefit from receiving psychiatry and counseling at the same time.


Counseling provides an environment for you to come and process life. Whether you're struggling with sadness, stress, a relationship issue, family problems, or just trying to learn how to do life better, our therapists can help.

Counseling consists of weekly sessions focused on your healing and growth. As you begin treatment, your therapist will listen to your story and help you identify your treatment goals. The therapist's goal is to provide you with the empathy, support, and feedback you need to move forward in your healing journey.

Intensive Outpatient Program

If you need extra support, our Intensive Outpatient Program may  be just for you. The IOP meets for 15 hours each week (9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Monday-Friday). This program includes group and individual therapy, a wide variety of classes, and weekly psychiatry appointments. For more information about the IOP, click here. 

Advanced TMS Therapy

NeuroStar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive, non-drug approach indicated for treating Major Depressive Disorder in patients who have failed to improve from prior antidepressant medication in the current episode.

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1-on-1 Life & Health Coaching

Are you looking for support to meet your daily goals? What about defining new life and health goals? Our personalized 1-on-1 coaching is handcrafted to help you build the roadmap to meet your objectives.

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We also offer coaching in a group setting. This group is designed to provide continuous support for those already working on lifestyle changes. Group meets every Monday from 6:00 - 7:30pm for 8 weeks. Pre-registration is required.

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