PTSD Screening Test

The following questionnaire was designed to identify respondents that have had any exposure to traumatic events and may be suffering with probable post-traumatic stress disorder. Sometimes things happen to people that are unusually or especially frightening, horrible, or traumatic. For example:

  • a serious accident or fire
  • a physical or sexual assault or abuse
  • an earthquake or flood
  • a war
  • seeing someone be killed or seriously injured
  • having a loved one die through homicide or suicide

Have you ever experienced this kind of event?  YES / NO. 

If no, screen total = 0. Please stop here.

If yes, please answer the questions below.

Interpretation of final score:

Current research suggests that you may be sensitive to probable PTSD if you answered "yes" to any 3 of 5 questions. This indicates that you may be sensitive to have Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, which can be determined by a clinical interview.

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