Kryssel Olazaran, LMFT MIEC

Kryssel Olazaran, LMFT MIEC

Meet Kryssel

Do you feel disconnected from your partner, your children, or maybe even from God? Whether it may be one or all of these, you may feel as though you are drifting apart. Kryssel believes that everyone wants to feel loved and valued, but not all of us are skilled at communicating our needs. This is where she is here to help.

Through a wide variety of professional experiences, Kryssel has come to realize that she has a unique passion for working with adolescents, couples and families. Her journey as a psychotherapist begun by earning her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at La Sierra University. She then pursued her Master’s degree in Marital and Family Therapy and certification in Clinical Mediation at Loma Linda University. Her experience includes depression, anxiety, marital and pre-marital counseling, family and relational struggles, trauma, and grief.

Her passion in life is helping others recognize their true potential. Kryssel wholeheartedly believes in the healing power of relationships, including the therapeutic relationship. She believes that change can happen through the support and guidance that she offers her clients in their walk towards wholeness.

As you work together, you can learn new effective ways to express your feelings and reconnect with your partner, your child(ren), and with God. Kryssel believes you have the power to make positive change in your life. As a qualified therapist, she is committed to help you access that power and put it into action.  You no longer need to feel lonely, hurt, or frustrated from the struggles of this life. You can begin your walk towards positive change today!   Kryssel looks forward to meeting you and hearing your story!

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